Q) What realm is your guild on?

a) We are currently located on the Malygos (US) PvE realm.

Q) Who is in charge of your guild?

a) Adriel and Eledara share co-leadership of LoL. Feel free to leave them an in-game mail if you have additional questions.

Q) What are your raid times? (realm time is central)

Mandatory: Saturday & Sunday, 8:00pm - 11pm realm time.

Optional: Thursday, 9:00pm - 11pm realm time.

Q) What is your raid progression focus?

a) Ten-man raiding. Hurrah for Cataclysm loot system.

Q) Do you use a DKP system (or, how is loot handled)?

a) Not at this time. Primary spec rolls are prioritized, as defined by your guild application. PuG member primary spec will be defined as what you bring to the raid (tank, healer, damage).

Q) Do you use (and require) Ventrilo?

a) Yes, but exceptions can be made. You are not required to have a microphone.

Q) Can I have my own guild title?

a) No.