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Respexpectations (Expectations of Respect)

Hello all! I hope you've all been doing well. I have not, and I would like to talk about why. I think it's time that I flesh my thoughts out in a forum post that you can all see and perhaps understand or relate to my (or myself and Adriel's) problems.

To start. Since Legends of Legend became a raiding guild, we have been quite different from other raiding guilds in many regards. We have no loot rules past main spec priority. We make blanket statements during raids instead of singling people out. We are generally patient with all of you as raid and guild members, and our requirements with attendance have been lax to none. We do not require any addons and have no DKP.

Now, these rules, or lack thereof, exist because we expect you to be better than that. We expect that you all have enough brains to show up on time. That you will roll only on what you need for your main spec. That you will help others in a friendly and nonaggressive fashion. That you will be okay with sitting out once in a while because seriously, it is impossible to only invite 10 people to a 10-man raid. If you think you could do it, feel free to try on your own time, though. 

A bit of a tangent. Let's get back to respexpectations. Adriel and I spend time and effort making this raid group work. Let me start with just how much time I spend preparing for a raid. Perhaps some of you think it's a walk in the park. It is not. Let's pretend we have to do heroic Morchok this weekend. (Oh wait, we do!). I start my week by looking up about 4 different videos for heroic Morchok. Then, I sit down in front of the raid journal in-game and simultaneously keep Wowpedia and Wowhead open to research the actual skills the boss uses and how they affect us. Then, I ask other people who have done the fight questions about it in an attempt to prepare myself correctly. Then, I attempt to prepare the fight in terms of which players we will have that weekend. This is nearly impossible because we have some people who are very unreliable in terms of status. I'll touch on that later on.

Also during the week before the raid, I spend time taking inventory on herbs and fish that we need for the weekend. I take physical notes of the raid fight so I will have them in front of me and readily available. And I further study the fight so that when I explain it to you guys, you can gain some inkling of understanding from what I'm telling you.

On top of this, if any dps or healers were subpar the previous week, Adriel and I spend time speaking to these people. We try to help tweak their builds or help them with a rotation. We discuss the fights from the previous week and what we could have done differently or better. I could go on for a while, but I think perhaps I'm getting my point across. I'm not even trying to float my own boat here; just to inform people who may have not been aware of the work involved in leading a raid/guild.

Now. In return for this, we expect a few things. Let me go over those now, and may you all forever remember them.

We expect:

- People to show up on time, 15 minutes before raid time for invites. This means ready and waiting. Not in an instance, not in the bathroom, not fingering your own ass. Ready. At quarter to.

- People to be on vent with speakers or headphones ready. If you can't hear me while I lead, we have extra wipes. If you don't have headphones and your speakers are shit, buy headphones. They're 5$. I spent 5$ on a new mic so people could hear me better, so I expect the same from you.

- People to come with their gear gemmed and enchanted correctly (cheaper versions of gems are fine), and with full knowledge of how their toon works. If you have questions or problems, we are completely available to help you.

- People to come with some kind of threat indicator and knowing how to use it.

- People to come having some inkling about what happens in the fights we are covering that day. This could include a minimum of just spending 5 minutes reading the description in the in-game raid journal.

- People not to go afk during the raid unless it is an emergency or it is afk time. Our raids are short and we only raid twice a week. We expect readiness and efficiency.

- People to be polite and concise if they have any issues. I prefer that issues are discussed with me or Adriel, or even left until after the raid, unless they are pertinent to us winning a fight.

- People to respect the strategy we designed for the fight. I don't care what you saw, how your mom did the fight in her guild, or how Fatboss beat it. I may have to change the strategy for our group, and we may have to change it during the raid day because of unexpected issues that certain people have with the fight. Accept that. Please remember that it is not my lack of knowledge that leads to these changes (usually, LOL) but problems that the GROUP is having with the fight.

- People to listen carefully to my strategy and attempt to actually comprehend it. This means NOT GOING AFK between wipes or at any other time. Be respectful and try to listen! If you have to tab out, set your game so that you can hear game sounds while tabbed out. If you cannot do so, ask us how, or don't tab out.

- People to sign up for our forums so they can read guides or important posts.

- People to sign up for raids correctly. Accepted means you're coming. Declined means you're not. Tentative means you don't know yet. Tentative status should change to accepted or declined at minimum the day before the raid.

Now let me talk about what we get in return for our hard work.

- People showing up at 8 o'clock realm exactly for the raid while the 9 other raid members are sitting around waiting for them.

- People being in an instance at quarter to raid time. Here's a tip: Don't get into an instance for 45 minutes before 7:45. Go do something else or farm some herbs or fish for the group. Novel concept for some, I know.

- People going AFK 156 times during the raid or before ready checks while I explain something.

- People who have no idea what the boss even looks like, let alone anything that occurs in the fight at all.

- People who come to raids wearing terrible gear that is not enchanted or gemmed.

- People who come to raids and have no idea how to play their class or their offspec.

- People who complain about being sat once every 6 weeks.

- People who do not listen to anything I say and then ask what they're supposed to do.

- People who have their game sounds turned up so high they cannot hear me talk on vent.

- People who don't have headphones or speakers turned up high enough.

- People who roll on tier gear when they already have four tier pieces and another member could use a piece to get a bonus.

- People who complain about not getting gear during a raid.

- People who complain about locking out the raid.

- People who complain about wiping.

- People who try to fix the strategies we use when the strategy isn't the problem, but the people attempting to execute it. Sometimes this is helpful and sometimes it is very frustrating.

- People who sign up as tentative and never change their status, so I don't know if they are coming until 5 minutes before the raid and therefore cannot plan strategy or group makeup accordingly.

Now, of course we also have positives:

People who are actually respectful, listen to my strategies, come on time, play their toons like a boss, never complain about anything, make helpful suggestions, and should probably be MVP every week. You know who you are, and please keep up the good work.

If any of you are aware that you are a part of any of the negatives, I would be so very happy if you could acknowledge it as such and work to fix it. Less stress and more fun is how I would like this to be, and I don't think that we ask for much. :)
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