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WoW Account Security

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Our guild has been having some account problems as of late, so I thought I would take some time to write a blurb about how you can avoid potential problems like that. Of course now that I'm writing this I'll be next.

Most of these things are just going to be common sense. Unfortunately, as the French philosopher Voltaire penned, common sense is not so common. To that end, we have an essay of common sense...


First and foremost, a Game Master is never going to whisper you and ask for your account information or give you a website that you should visit. A Game Master is not going to whisper you and inform you that you've won some free mounts/gold/pets/night with a porn star. A Game Master is just not going to whisper you, ever, unless you submit a trouble ticket to them.

You can identify a Game Master by the little "Blizz" icon next to their name in the chat. If someone is claiming to be a Game Master and they lack the icon, then they are full of shit and you should probably report them.

To recap, a Game Master:

  • Will not whisper you for account information.
  • Will not ask you to visit a website.
  • Will not inform you about a mysterious contest you have won.
  • Will not offer to pay for a personal porn star visitation.

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At some point, maybe because you signed up to third party sites (see below), you will receive email messages from someone claiming to be a Blizzard employee, threatening that your account is in jeopardy and you have to visit their site immediately to resolve the issue.

Most of these are written by five-year-old Chinese boys in WoW-related sweatshops trying to scrape together enough money so they can feed their family for the day. What I mean is the language used in the emails isn't really English. It's more like Mandarglish. Poor sentence structure, poor spelling, poor grammar. Not that I rule at written language, but I can recognize when it's faked.

"Have you trouble account some time, please visit site for hasty resolve."

The problem with email, and even with websites, is they can fake the address you see, while the real address behind the scenes is sending you somewhere else. For example, the site below says it's for Google, but it actually sends you to Yahoo when you click on it.

The easiest way to see where the link is going to send you is to just mouseover it and read the real address at the bottom of the page in the status toolbar. Fake Blizzard emails are going to do the same thing. They'll have a link that shows you it's legitimate, but it's really sending you somewhere else entirely. If you set your email to display in "text only" then you can circumvent that problem, because the faked addresses are HTML.

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If you happen to sign up for third-party websites (Wowhead, Wowprogress, Guild Ox, Mmo-champion, to name a few) do NOT use the same email address and password as you use in World of Warcraft. These sites are not going to be as secure as WoW, and it is possible they sell email addresses to other parties.

As an example, I sign up to sites and I receive some fake WoW spam about how my account has been compromised and I need to visit this website right away to fix it! Unfortunately for them, the email address is not the same one I use for WoW. So, while they think they have half the account information they really have nothing at all.

You must be very careful when a website asks for your account information. The official WoW site and forum will ask for your account information before you can post. However, there have been sites with addresses that are similar to the official one, and you need to really look at it first.

Official site:
Fake site:
Fake site:

And the list can probably go on, and on, and on. Now, those may or may not be fake sites. I just made them up, because that is what account thieves do. They make up an address that looks similar to the real site, they make a site that resembles the real site, and then they send out emails about how people have to log in to save their account before it's too late.

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I use Google Chrome. It's just better than every other browser on the market. It is more secure. It is faster to load, and quicker to load sites. But no matter what browser you use, you should make sure it is updated frequently. You need to make sure your Flash is updated. Your Java is updated. Your Adobe Acrobat for reading PDF files is updated.

You also need to make sure you have good virus protection and that it is also updated. You may also want to schedule a monthly scan with it, or even more frequent if you want to be paranoid. Me? I scan like once every eight months because I'm overconfident.

The virus protection I use is called "Avira AntiVir". It should be the first antivirus listed below. I'm also including other free software in the list.

Web Browser
Misc Software

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